Landscapes of Wool & Water

Tuesday 10th September 7.15pm
Fromebridge Mill
Gloucester GL2 7PB

An illustrated talk by Val Kirby.The movement of water has shaped the landscapes of the Stroud Valleys throughout geological time.  The production of wool is more recent but still has a history many centuries long.

Wool and water came together in the industrial revolution with the building of many water mills.  Then from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries the Cotswold Canals brought supplies and materials into the valleys and took finished goods away.

Val Kirby is passionate about the dynamic connections between water, land and the way people use them.  A retired landscape architect, with many years experience in analysing, planning for and teaching about landscapes, Val will talk about the Cotswold landscape from its origins in the Jurassic geological period, many millions of years ago, to the present day.

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