Wildlife monitoring

Could you help with our canal wildlife monitoring?

Are you interested in seeing and identifying the different wildlife along the canal? Would you like to be involved in helping us get a better understanding of the distribution and behaviour of wild mammals and the factors that affect them? Well we might have just the activity for you (and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home)!

CCC have recently purchased a number of motion-activated camera traps which have been placed in different habitats along the canal length to capture the wide range of species already living in and adjacent to the canal. Species spotted to date include otters, water voles, badgers, water rail, herons and foxes to name but a few!

The images from these camera’s will be used to help us establish a baseline and monitor any changes in the number, range and abundance of wildlife on both the canal and River Frome as the canal project is delivered.  All the photo’s collected are being uploaded to MammalWeb, which is a “citizen science” platform intended to collate, validate and curate camera trap data to help inform us about the distribution and ecology of mammals. CCC has been set up with its own project page on the website which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE:

Not only can you sign up to be a ‘spotter’ on the CCC Project but you can also help classify species across the UK such as the elusive Scottish wildcat…. Linking to MammalWeb will also mean this project will support and be part of wider research on the current state of UK wildlife. 

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